“Matt, thanks so much for the N 95 masks. Thanks to you , we will be safely continuing our premature infants screening for retinopathy of prematurity here in the city of Gary. Thanks again and keep up all the good work we appreciate your productive efforts in filling a desperate need during the COVID-19 Pandemic.”
~ Neil Watkins MD

About PharmEnvee

PharmEnvee is a global biotech pharmaceutical marketing company bringing targeted products to a global audience. We specialize in building commercial strategies to distribute innovative biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical devices worldwide. Our team of consultants are market specialists dedicated to identify distribution opportunities while carrying out appropriate marketing plans tailor made to each product. One of our goals is to improve patient access to cost-effective biotech and pharmaceutical products.

Our ability to deliver on this vision is based on a strong digital platform and exhaustive distribution network.

PharmEnvee is a strategic partner of international laboratories, manufacturers, pharmaceutical, and trading companies. Our partners trust us to help them reach their demographics as we have the structure, expertise and financial resources to distribute their products at an international scale.

PharmEnvee team of experts work hand in hand to approach global markets with supplies of biotechnological products and devices. The innovative and targeted products of our partners must meet the high quality demands of our customers.

At the same time, PharmEnvee also attends requests from notable biotechnology labs, manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies which aim is to set up their business in new markets, trading companies attempting to launch their own brand, laboratories firms seeking range representation of products that are not produced in their own premises or that are expanding export areas. All of this makes it possible to generate beneficial two-way negotiations.


PharmEnvee focuses on creating sales & marketing strategies for biotech and pharmaceutical products for human use, innovative medical devices and veterinary products that meet demanding quality standards. We provide growth opportunities for our strategic allies, ensuring business consolidation and joint venture with other companies in the industry, with company representations from Europe, North America, Central and South America and Asia to optimize production resources.


PharmEnvee aims at creating trade opportunities worldwide for biotech and pharmaceutical companies while respecting their brand’s vision. Providing targeted and local healthcare products and solutions to a global audience is what motivates us to acquire new brands or work on global marketing strategies.

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